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Selected freelance editing projects:

Albury Library/Museum: Miscellaneous exhibition-related materials

Albury Regional Art Gallery: Miscellaneous exhibition-related materials

Bandt, Sound Sculpture (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2001)

Bierman, Samadhi (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)

Beinart (ed.), Metamorphosis: 50 Contemporary Surreal, Fantastic and Visionary Artists (beinArt Publishing, Melbourne, 2007)

Biennale of Sydney, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014: miscellaneous printed materials

Bungey, John Olsen: A Life (HarperCollins, Sydney, 2014)

Cato, Design by Thinking (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)

Clark, Modern Asian Art (Craftsman House, Sydney, 1998)

Ferson & Nilsson, Art Deco in Australia (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2001)

Forbat, 40 Years: Kaldor Public Art Projects (Kaldor Public Art

Projects, Sydney, 2009)

France, Margaret Olley (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2002)

Fringe Benefits: Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Conference of Museums Australia, Albury, NSW, 5–9 May 1999

Grishin, Gary Shead (Craftsman House, Sydney 2001)

Grishin, John Wolseley: Land Marks (Craftsman House, Sydney, 1998)

Hart, William Delafield Cook (Craftsman House, Sydney, 1998)

Hill, The Cazneaux Women (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)

Hyatt, Local Heroes (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)

Johnson & Fry, Ken Johnson (Craftsman House, Sydney)

Kerr & Holder, Past Present: The National Women’s Art Anthology (Craftsman House, Sydney, 1999)

Laurisen, Creating Grand Illusions (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)

Lumby, Tim Storrier (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)

McDonald, Barbara Tribe: Sculptor (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)

McGregor, Robert Jacks (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2001)

Murray Cree & Drury, Australian Painting Now (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)

Neale, Urban Dingo: The Art and Life of Lin Onus 1948–1996 (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)

How to buy & sell art

Reid, How to Buy and Sell Art (Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2004)

Rubinov-Jacobson, Drinking Lightning: Art, Creativity, and Transformation (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)

Sandler, Natvar Bhavsar (Craftsman House, Sydney, 1998)

Thomas, The Bridge (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)

Tipton & Clark, Being Modern in Japan (Australian Humanities Research Foundation, Sydney, 2000)

Williams & Wilson, From Caves to Canvas, 3rd ed. (McGraw-Hill, Sydney, 2008)

Wilson, John Firth-Smith (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)

Wilson (ed.), Creative Territories: Site specific art as communion (Noosa Council, Noosa, 2006)