Selected freelance editing projects:


Albury Library/Museum: miscellaneous materials
Australian Institute of Professional Photographers: miscellaneous materials
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Biennale of Sydney, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016: miscellaneous materials
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Cato, Design by Thinking (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)
Clark, Modern Asian Art (Craftsman House, Sydney, 1998)
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Forbat, 40 Years: Kaldor Public Art Projects (Kaldor Public Art Projects, Sydney, 2009)
France, Margaret Olley (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2002)
Fringe Benefits: Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Conference of Museums Australia, Albury, NSW, 5–9 May 1999
Gothe-Snape, Here, an Echo (Biennale of Sydney, Sydney, 2017)
Gary Shead (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2001)
Grishin, John Wolseley: Land Marks (Craftsman House, Sydney, 1998)
Hart, William Delafield Cook (Craftsman House, Sydney, 1998)
Herridge, Bringing Heaven to Earth (Elizabeth Herridge Ltd, London, 2016)
Hill, The Cazneaux Women (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)
Hyatt, Local Heroes (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)
Johnson & Fry, Ken Johnson (Craftsman House, Sydney)
Kerr & Holder, Past Present: The National Women’s Art Anthology (Craftsman House, Sydney, 1999)
Laurisen, Creating Grand Illusions (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)
Lumby, Tim Storrier (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)
McDonald, Barbara Tribe: Sculptor (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)
McGregor, Robert Jacks (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2001)
MAMA (formerly Albury Regional Art Gallery): miscellaneous materials
Michael Reid Galleries Sydney–Berlin–Murrurundi: miscellaneous materials
Murray Cree & Drury, Australian Painting Now (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)
Neale, Urban Dingo: The Art and Life of Lin Onus 1948–1996 (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)

How to Buy & Sell Art

Reid, How to Buy and Sell Art (Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2004)
Rubinov-Jacobson, Drinking Lightning: Art, Creativity, and Transformation (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)
Sandler, Natvar Bhavsar (Craftsman House, Sydney, 1998)
Stanford, James Stanford: Shimmering Zen (Smallworks Press, Las Vegas, 2020)
Tamworth Regional Gallery and Powerstation Museum: miscellaneous materials
Thomas, The Bridge (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)
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Wangaratta Art Gallery: miscellaneous materials
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Wilson, John Firth-Smith (Craftsman House, Sydney, 2000)
Wilson (ed.), Creative Territories: Site specific art as communion (Noosa Council, Noosa, 2006)